Solar Hot Water Webinar Instructors

Adam Farrell – CEO
Adam Farrell

Adam Farrell is the founder and CEO of SunMaxx Solar. He is very energetic and enthusiastic about the solar community and stays abreast on the latest developments in the solar market. A native of Sidney, NY, Mr. Farrell graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Business and Applied Economics. Inspired by a high school science project, Adam founded SunMaxx Solar, with brother Matt, in 2006. Adam will be guest hosting several webinars in 2011!

John – SunMaxx Solar Education and Training Manager, Binghamton, NY

John is in charge of the SunMaxx Solar EduPower training program. John is our resident weekly webinar host – you can find him almost every Monday at noon on this website discussing different solar thermal topics! Also, John teaches our Solar Thermal Training course at our Bainbridge, New York Facility every month.

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